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Low-income motorists tend to be with the understanding that auto insurance is just plain expensive. A report in 2014 showed that a majority percentage of motorists on the road today find insurance rates to be too high. Of those surveyed, slightly less than 40% were uninsured themselves, citing that insurance rates are too high to afford when you live in a city like theirs.

Low Income Doesn’t Mean Uninsured Motorist

No one wants to be caught in a position to owe money, be held liable for something they didn’t do, or be responsible beyond their culpability in anything, whether in a car or not. As it pertains to auto accidents, these situations tend to get messy before the shrapnel and broken pieces have even been picked up off the road. No insurance is no way to go. You absolutely require coverage, and you must seek the fairest rates possible in order to fulfill this mandate. This has less to do with abiding by the law, and more to do with securing and protecting your own investments, your own assets, in the event of an accident or tragedy.

Auto Insurance for Low Income Motorists

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